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Got screens?

Are you tired of insects in your house, due to the holes in your screen? Perhaps your pet decided to make an attempt to escape out of your window. Here at Don's Aluminum, we repair screens. Bring your old frame in, and we can rescreen it for you or make you a whole new one! It's just that easy. We have a variety of screen available from; 18/14, 20/20, charcoal pet screen, and solar screen. We carry millfinish, bronze, and white screen frame.

How are your vinyl windows?

Do you have tears in your vinyl? Maybe it is stained with water, or you can't get the same gleam out of them you once use to. We repair vinyl windows in our warehouse. Bring them in, we will look them over for you. When we replace the vinyl in the window, we go over all the parts. Before you know it they will work, and look like new again.

Example of our bronze vinyl.

These are some examples of our screens, we make here in our warehouse.

Break metal / Coil

We carry .019 trim coil, as well as .024 kickplate. Are you looking for us to bend something? Bring in your measurements and we can make it up. Most mobile home parks require all beams and uprights to be aluminum. If you have wooden extrusion, and need it to be coverd with aluminum, we can make post wraps.